Welcome to Good News Travels – 
America's Leader in Customized Group Travel!

Founded in 1981 through the vision of the current president, John Tribble, Good News Travels is a specialist in group travel. By assisting group leaders of professional, student, church, sports, alumni, family, bank, and other groups, we design and implement enjoyable, innovative, and educational tours and cruises. With the Good News Travels mission at the forefront of our endeavors, our experienced staff works to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for all groups.  

The mission of Good News Travels is to operate tours that lead individuals toward:

An awareness and appreciation for the beauty of God's creation.

A meaningful relationship with others, developed through fellowship within a Christian environment.

A feeling of worthiness as a creation of God.

Good News Travels endeavors to accomplish this mission at a reasonable profit and in a manner which glorifies God and serves His kingdom.